The Best Quote - Happiness

Happiness comes from deep inside our heart. If you put your hope on others, then be prepared to be left, be prepared to be betrayed.
We will be happy if we accept, love and respect ourselves, and want to accept others.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 19th, 2010 - 11 Years After

Today, it's already 11 years since my Dad leaving us. I still remember the day and how I lost someone that truly had great impact in my life.

What I learn/have in this 11 years?

1. Finish my High School
Without any motivation to study, I still managed to finish my final year in high school. Can't be a good achievement. But, at least, I finish it. I was in the last 5 in the class and did my National Exam with average 6.8 with RED grade for all science studies. Yeah, I want to take Social class but my Dad encourage and force me to take Science class, which later turn out to be a better choice.

2. Get a Bachelor Degree
Actually, I don't really want to take Bachelor studies at that time. I'm thinking to helping my mom or starting my own business career. But, my mom encourage (or force) me to get a degree, at least, since she thinks that degree can make life better.
I studied at a local university, University of Jambi, for about 1 year taking Management studies in Economic faculty. But, I don't really enjoy my time there. I'm not a person who like to remember exactly the definition of everything.
Then, I start over my bachelor studies at Bina Nusantara University taking Computer Science degree which I finish in 3.5 year with Cum Laud despite some troubles with University. I also did some part-time job which leads me to become a professional.

3. Working in Real Life
I have some different working experiences ranging from small till nation-wide companies. And in each different working place, I learn different things. Each scale of companies has their own circumstances.
My range of jobs is Production Planner (Supply Chain Management), Database Specialist, Reporting Specialist and so on. Being in different jobs background forcing me adapt in every condition. Each job has their own strength and weakness. Each working place has their own positive and negative aspects.

4. Get a Master Degree
It's really a gift of my life. Being in Melbourne for 1.5 years is really an experience that I want to repeat. Lack of friends, lack of revenue, cultural shock, and language barrier are just some of the troubles that I got there. But, it's what I called LIFE. Low discrimination, a lot of interesting places, round the year festival, good transportation system, and (the most important thing) The Most Live-able City in the world.

5. Changing Mentality
For the last 2 years, I've tried my best to change my mentality from being a Professional to become an Entrepreneur. I've never been trained to be a businessman before. What I know is to do my best and get the best result. I work my way to be a Professional and trying to be in a field that I want. But, right now, under different circumstances, I am forced to learn how to do a business.
Business is harsh. Sometimes, it's out of ethical way; the thing that I hate in my life. I don't think that having money is always the best thing in life. There are a lot of things that are important than that; friendship, health, happiness, etc.

In the end, I really miss my Dad right now. What would be the different if I still have my Dad right now?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26th, 2010 - Off the Limit

Hm.. I think it's already the limit. It's been around 2 months that everything is not in the place. Starting with economic crisis that implies to market demand on some products, such as: snacks. So that my order is decreased by around 50 percents.

Then, I lost some of my employees. But, it's still OK that I don't have a lot of orders to cover. So I still can manage the left to fill the orders.

For the last one month, I get annoying competitor for some candy products. I don't know why, but I almost one step behind all the times. I don't know whether it's because supplier, courier, or myself. So, I just let if flow and tune myself up. Hoping that I could be ahead.

And because of those several reasons, I got one big problem, i.e.: lost of employee's spirit. Yes, I think they don't have a lot of things to finish day by day that makes them too relaxed.

Right now, when the market is a bit better, they already too soft for the current condition. And I also need some more employees to fill out the gap. But, it's really hard to find a good employee at the moment. There are a lot of persons looking for a job, but in the other hand, they don't want to work hard.

It's already out of my hands and I really hate the current condition. I just hope that things getting better and better in the future.

The only thing that I regret at the moment is I never been trained to be an entrepreneur since I was young. I was told to do the best in everything that I do, but must of the time is to be a professional. I really miss my dad, hoping that he is still around to guide me find direction. Miss you, Dad!


Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009 - Handling a business

Yeah, it's quite a busy time for me. It started around 3 months ago.

My mom's business is usually handled by an employee that already works for my mom for more than 14 years. She started working for my Dad and still continuing even after she is married. But, suddenly, mood changes. She started to make a scene and get into troubles with my mom.

And in the end of March, she suddenly said she wants to quit. And my mom granted it. Since early of April, I was really busy helping my mom to cope with the business. I'm starting to more concentrate in the business and learn new things again. Management is not something difficult to learn, yet not easy to practice. I'm starting to learn more about our products and our competitors.

Instead of a new different life, I also stared to know about someone's true heart; someone that my mom really believe in (let's say her, AL). AL started to spread some bad rumour on us. Said something that is really not the truth. Then, trying to get our distributors and customers. We never ever met someone with that calibre; never ever feel ashamed.

It's such a blessing for me, since some of my mom's collagues trying to help us in such difficult time. Some of them is a long-time business partner that will never give someone else their products. My mom is starting this business about 20 years ago, when I was in kindergarten. I still remember some good and bad memories about the business.

But, now, it's my turn to make myself more useful in the business. Trying to give my mom the best advices that I can give. Deliver the best solutions for the business. Giving my best to drive the business to the top.

For real, I do a lot of stuffs every day. I'm the one that responsible of our storeroom, and do some accounting and financing. Trying to keep my pace with the market, getting to know my competitors, looking for a new suppliers, etc. Sometimes I also do some hard work, such as: driving, delivery, sales person, tidying storeroom, etc. I'd like to know how to run the business from the bottom.

Such a great day for me. Learning new stuff. Trying to concentrate on the duty. Be perfect. Arrange the order.

Hoping that what I get at this moment will be useful for my whole life. Always life in the right way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17th, 2009 - My Girl's Birthday

Today is my girlfriend's birthday. I've been busy all along these few weeks. Trying to catch up with every I can with this short time. It's quite hard to explain here. But, I'll try to blog it some other day.

I can't meet her personally today because of my work. I have a cousin's wedding this weekend that my mum should attend it. And she is planning to go to Jakarta just 2 days after. Since it's a quite short time to be there, so I just postponed my plan to go to Jakarta.

The day before (16th June), it's a quite busy day. I've been trying to contact some of my friends asking about a shop that sells cakes or flowers. Yeah, I'm trying to surprise her with flowers and cake.

And I got into these two websites, and They sells cakes and flowers, respectively. I ordered a chocolate tiramisu cake and a dozen of white roses for her. And I set for 3 PM as delivery time. And even though I ordered it in the evening, they still said that it's possible to do the delivery. I'm so glad of it.

On 17th June, I wake up around 3 in the morning to call her to say 'Happy Birthday'. She said that I'm the second person after her sister. Then, we have a conversation for around 30 mins. And then we try to sleep again.

As the result, I wake up quite late that morning. And still I have to catch up with the business, so I don't have any chance to contact her more.

At 3 PM, I received a call from my girl that she just received a cake from Harvest. And She is really surprised that I send her a cake. We talk around 10 mins as we should continue our work. She is quite busy with her new job and I'm busy as I have some delivery to do.

About 15 mins later, she calls me again. Yeah, the second delivery is already there. She gets a dozen of white roses that I ordered through Again that she is quite speechless that she received such presents.

I'd like to thanks some of my friends that already give me some clue to order the present. And I'd also to thanks and for their outstanding service.

Happy Birthday, Hunn.. Hope that all your wishes come true. Wish that our relationship stays forever and ever. Love u, Dar.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Congrats - Congratulation

These are the words that I heard so many times today. Yeah, today is my graduation day. At last, I officially get another title, Master of Applied Science (Information Systems). I know that this title make my name a bit longer. Mitra Budiaji Chan, S.Kom., M.App.Sc.(Info.Sys.).

Then, I try to omit some part of my name, till become Mitra Budiaji Chan, S.Kom. M.App.Sc. But it still doesn't seem right; too long. Then, I omit my bachelor degree. Mitra Budiaji Chan, M.App.Sc. I think that's quite good enough to be put in my business card. Quite long, tough. But, I have no other choice. I already have quite a long name and I'm proud of it.

Back to the ceremony. I think I'm quite surprised today. I meet most of my friend in my major. Actually, there are not so many student in my major. I think it's not more than 50 people that come to graduation ceremony. I also just know about 10 of them. I have 1 Chinese, 1 Cambodian and 1 Bangladeshi friend instead of few Indian friends. I have another Korean friend, but he doesn't show up today.

I also met some of my care group friend. Yeah, they are from CCM RMIT. One of the student group in RMIT. I take a lot of pictures with them.

For all of my friends, I wish you all the best. Hope that you're success in everything that you will do.

For every RMIT alumni, now we are embedded into one as the alumni of RMIT. Hope that we can keep contact and we can share our journey.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Next Year's Wishes

Talking about 2009's wishes, I think I have a bunch of those.

I hope that I could start a new business of my own next year. That means that I have to learn a lot of it. I need to learn about how to run the business. I need to learn about the business itself. I need to look for people to run the business. And more.

It's not an easy start and I know that I should learn hard and be more persistent in a lot of things. I shouldn't disappointed anyone that put hope in me. And I have to get something out of it.

I know that it's gonna really tough. Global recession is coming. And starting a new business means double or triple effort than normal. There are more competitors and less customers. But I believe that whenever you have a good will, you will gain a good feedback.

Beside of that main wish, I still have some other wishes. My second wish is to be closer with my girl. I know that being back in Jambi means less communication between us. I need to run errand around my home to help my mum and lil sis. Then, next year, I will start my own. I think the time will be lesser and lesser for us to communicate. But, I have to spare some time to communicate with her. I also have some plans for next year, hope that I could fulfil it.

There are some other small wishes in my mind right now. But, I don't think that I'm gonna share those here. I just hope that I can fulfil most of them next year.

New Year.
New Beginning.
New Life.

After 4 Months

Yeah, it's already 4 months since my last blog here.

Living in a small town is not that easy to get internet access. And after all, when you're connected to internet, it's a very damn slow connection. Normally, I just get less than 1 Kbps for downloading file. It will take ages just for downloading something. And that's a dial-up connection.

OK. Cut that crap and let's talk about life.

Overall, I like to be there, in my little sweet hometown. It's still like the old time but has a lot of development in some districts. There are quite a few shopping mall around the city. A lot of new restaurants, food malls, or cafes.

Few months in Jambi lets me know more about the city. And I think I'm quite prepared to start my own business next year. Yeah, I think I will start my own business. Instead of the business, I still hope that I have time to be a lecturer. It's not about the money, but it's about passion. I really want to teach something and hope that I get something good out of it.

In this 4 months in Jambi, I learn about the city quite a lot. I was also looking around the city to look for a good opportunity. And I hope that my judgment is right. I also believe that when you believe in something, there is a clear way open for you.

Taking from KungFu Panda movie, "The secret ingredient is NOTHING. ... To MAKE something special, you just HAVE to bEliEVe it's SPECIAL. ... There is NO secret ingredient."

Yes, When you BELIEVE that you can do something, then it's DONE.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aug 07, 08 - Last few hours

Today is quite packed for me. But, overall, I'm happy.

It's last few hours I'm in Melbourne. It's not a sad day. I'm quite blessed to be back there.

I have a welcome family that wants me to be back there. I have a girlfriend that is excited that we can communicate more. I have plans to do back there.

And I believe also that God opens my way. I believe that something is already planned toward my journey in Indonesia. I hope that I can bless and be blessing for others. I hope that the thought that crossed my mind can be fulfilled in the future.

I know that the picture takes a lot of times to be accomplished. But I believe that I can do it.

Right now, the weather is raining. I don't know why suddenly it's raining. Yeah, I saw that some dark cloud is already hanging around this evening. And it could be because of that.

I know that there is no appropriate way to say good bye. But, I still will come to this city next December and some other time in the future.

It's not my city. I still have Indonesian blood and I'm proud of it. I believe that Indonesia can change. I believe that Indonesia can be one of the developed country in the world.

We just neec to persist and believe. And also we need to act. We act toward the good of Indonesia.

See you in the future, Melbourne.

Things Gonna be Missed: Trams (5 of 5)

Tram is one of public transport in Melbourne. Actually, it's one of the thing that I like from Melbourne.

Tram is usually in the middle of the road along with another vehicles. But, in some areas, there are separate road for tram that gives tram a better space.

People is quite appreciative on trams that they must give ways to tram and also the passengers. Whenever trams stop, the other vehicles must give some rooms for passengers to board or alight trams.

Not every city in the world has trams as the main of transport. I believe that trams is not something easy to be implemented. In the other end, trams is quite slow to travel for long distance, due to traffic and tram stops.

I will miss trams for sure. It's my main transport for past 1.5 years. It brings another level to my life to know about this. It's quite enjoyable to know and experience in a tram.

I hope that Indonesia could learn more from other country about how they manage public transportation. Each city in Indonesia has it's own public transportation. But, the thing that I don't like is that government do too little about public transportation. So that everyone goes for personal transportation.

Cars and motorcycles are quite popular for everyone there, since they don't bother about public transportation. And also getting into public transport means that you must be fully aware about the condition. There is few safety measurement there.

I will miss tram. But in the other end, I will get into a car or motorcycle there.
It will be an exciting changes for me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Things Gonna be Missed: Vegetarian Meal (4 of 5)

I will miss the food that I can take here, in Melbourne. To be amazed, almost all restaurants in Melbourne has vegetarian menu and they are quite welcome to vegetarians.

Before I came to Melbourne, I'm quite stressed to think about what I could eat here. I think that I have to cook for almost every meal that I will eat or I will just eat bread each time. But the condition is more that I expect.

Restaurant is very accommodate all the customers. And restaurant atmosphere is really different. Most of the restaurants provide customers with drink. Hm.. To be true, I just visit the common restaurant. I never ever visit a fancy restaurant.

Back there, in Indonesia, I rarely see a special menu for vegetarian. Most of the menu is dominated by meat, such as: beef, chicken or seafood. There are no or very few menu which is just vegetables.

Yeah. It's a bit funny that you hardly find vegetarian meal in Indonesia. You can try to go to a food court and try to see how many vegetarian meal that you can spot. And how many stall that sells vegetarian meal.

I will miss the freedom to choose the food. It's my choice to be vegetarian and I hope everyone can accommodate it.